Friday, August 3, 2007

Water is my Friend

Another post-midnight post! I still haven't inputted the rest of yesterday's meals, nor any of today's, into the calorie counter, and at this point I think it simply won't happen. I don't really have much free time to get onto the computer except after the kids are in bed, but that is the same precious time in which I try to do EVERYTHING else as well. Today went better - I had fresh squeezed orange juice and a kiwi for breakfast, pieces of parmigiano and broccoli pasta for lunch, and some random leftovers for dinner. There is a good chance I'm over my limit, but probably not by much and at least I didn't go nuts eating any nuts like yesterday. I didn't get to exercise today as I had hoped, but I did chase the kids up and down the beach today. Even though I was tired, being at the beach certainly improved my mood.

Michel and Lane, the kids and I are going to PA on Saturday morning, so although I probably won't be doing the calorie counter from there, at least I'll have you-know-who to keep an eagle eye on any potential unhealthy snacking. I'm feeling optimistic that there is hope here... maybe the results may not come as immediately as one would hope... but if I keep monitoring everything I eat and try, try to exercise, then whatever the result, it is already a heck of a lot better than the previous situation. I've found myself looking at the nutrition facts on everything these days and one sneaky way in which calories creep in are beverages... any beverages. It is amazing how many calories an ice tea has! At this point I'm realizing that ALL I really need to be drinking these days is water. Plain ol', good ol' water. No way is it worth using up 100-200 calories on some drink when calorie-free water could be quenching my thirst even better. I find when I first open the fridge (the gateway to temptation), I'm lured by all sorts of drinks, anything BUT water. But, if I first drink water, the temptation to drink something else immediately subsides. You two have already shared a zillion tips with me, so this is my tip-o-the-day for you: drink ONLY water!


Lane said...

Good call on the water! I always read about soda as being a sneaky source of calories, but it's not just soda. Like you say, iced tea or even fruit juice can be a ton of calories. I think fresh squeezed is probably worth the calories, though, since you're getting a lot of extra nutrients from it. Good luck in PA!

Michel said...

Come on Annette...keep this blog going!!! We're dying for new content over here!!! :)