Sunday, October 28, 2007

maybe I should actually post to my blog

I'm back to the very beginning, at least in a psychological sense in that I feel I have absolutely nothing to post. Because I keep re-injuring my back every time I make a concerted effort to exercise, the whole 'diet' thing gets off track each time. I apparently have plenty to say in comments on other blogs, but not much to report here. I haven't kept up with the calorie counter, I'm reduced to walking for exercise, I'm finding it hard to eat balanced meals. I've been cookie-binging less. Perhaps the only item I could share is: digging through an old bag of clothes the other day, I was shocked to see how small the shirts looked. I have some gorgeous old clothes that I'd love to squeeze myself into ... THAT motivates me. But it does come down to figuring out how to exercise without hurting my back...once I start exercising, then I eat much better and everything seems to fall into place. I haven't weighed myself in ages, so I don't know what I weigh (and if it were somehow higher, I know that would depress me enough to stop the diet altogether), but it seems clothes have been fitting a touch better. Tonight my "Diana the Huntress, aka Artemis" costume looked fantastic. It was an old brown clingy dress that is far too short for these chubby legs, but with the addition of organza, flowers and leaves, it looked beautiful and I somehow pulled off being in a very tight dress. It is nice to feel pretty.

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