Thursday, July 26, 2007

1st time (and somewhat reluctant) blogger

And so as I'm setting this up, my husband oh so helpfully reminds me that I should go to bed instead of fool around with this, because he knows - as do I - that when my baby wakes me up at 5:30 tomorrow morning, the temptation to have a spoonful of Nutella (or two, or three, or...) will be too great to resist. He claims he wants a thin wife, but who is he kidding? He's the one who purchased said Nutella in the first place - ostensibly for the kids. It is almost like telling the smoker who is trying to quit that the Marlboros are for the little ones. It is happening far faster than I imagined: instead of a blog about weight loss this could very well turn into an extended rant about Mr. Nutella buyer... to avoid that path, let this hopefully be the last time I mention that character. And to alleviate any concerns, let me tell you I'll resist sharing any sickenly adorable photos of kids/babies faces smeared with Nutella. But pics of my little girl's world's-chubbiest-legs, well, that may show up at some point, like it or not.


Lane said...

I love the name of your blog!! Good luck!

Michel said...

Great job on the blog Annette!! Once again your creativity has put me to shame! :)

Kathy in Maine said...

annette! you're slaying me over here!! you are awesome!!! i just wrote a long, long post to this, but being new to blogging, managed to lose the whole thing because i wasn't signed up with google. argh. so, this is a little version of the long one~~~i am laughing out loud (while nursing little matthew, fyi) and cheering you on. this blog idea is great for your creative genius and pent-up writing and wit! i can't wait to finish reading it. and count me in for rooting you on and working on my postpartum weight right along with you! my one word of advice (been there, done that!) KICK SUGAR!! it's soooo addictive and insidious that you'll have d.t.'s and huge cravings for 3 days, but then you'll feel sooo much better and in control of food cravings. test it out; just go cold turkey and CHUCK THE NUTELLA!!! just a thought, sorry to be so drill sargeant :o). i'm just enthusiastic, b/c it's the way i started to finally get healthy 2 years ago. ok, talk later. love and hugs to you!!

Elaine Isajar said...

Annette -
I hope it's ok - Kath gave me a heads up to your blog - do you remember me from her wedding?!? I have seen pictures of your beautiful family - by way of kath - I have two kids also - and all the weight to go with it! Kath and I were just having a conversation last night about this very subject - and actually - I would be a liar to suggest that having children was the only reason I'm over weight. I'm just even more over weight now that I've had them.
A year ago I lost 20 lbs..... and slowly - but surely - those pounds crept back on .... and 3 or 4 more.
I know I am on the edge of actually doing something about my weight ... I secretly want to look hot on my 40th birthday!! - but even more than that ... worry about my health for my kids sake!
So - other than a lightening bolt hitting me smack in my forehead - I wonder what I am waiting for! I look forward to reading your blogs and jumping on the bandwagon ... It can't hurt!!!!
And even though I never acquired a taste for nutella - I can totally relate to the callings of "treats" from my cupboards - and depositing kids leftovers into my mouth instead of the garbage can!
So maybe this is the start of a chain reaction - for which I will say .. thanks for being so brave!!!